Antonella is a London based freelance Costume Designer, Maker and Supervisor

Antonella holds an MA in Costume Design for Performance from London College of Fashion. Her final work was based on Hoffmann’s ‘The Sandman’ and was exhibited at World Stage Design, Cardiff 2013. She has frequently been working as an in-house costume maker for The Royal Opera House and The English National Ballet. She designed the costumes for ‘Collider’, a now past exhibition at the Science Museum in London. Antonella designed and made the costumes for ‘The Beautiful’ (premiering at Camden Fringe Festival 2013) and ‘Love’ (premiering at First Festival London 2015), both solo pieces by Petar Miloshevski. Antonella designed and made the costumes for ‘We Are Free’ by Fabian Reimair for the English National Ballet’s Choreographics 2014, which are currently exhibited in the performance galleries of the Victoria & Albert Museum.


“My work deals with the theatrical aspect of costume design. I strongly believe that a costume should not only be an attribute to a production. I am a defender of ‘costume performance’, as I see costume as the conveyor of meaning and as independent storyteller, and therefore playing a pivotal role in a production. I have a very experimental approach to costume. I like them to interact with the artists, to evolve during a performance and have narrative qualities. Good final costume designs are the result of the sort of creative collaboration, in which costumes are included early in the design process. More time and thought should be invested in creative costumes for stage to augment the possibilities of theatrical expression.”


Antonella is an imaginative designer with excellent making skills and a talent for pattern cutting and draping. She has a strong understanding of transferring designs into 3D. She is experienced in working with various textile and non-textile materials. Antonella expertly handles industrial and domestic sewing machinery, and with her precise and meticulous way of working she produces refined and detail-oriented products. She is a great 2-dimensional artist, fluent in different drawing and painting media (including digital). Her costume design sketches include flat and technical drawings as well as storyboarding. Antonella’s approach to a task is very analytical; a lot of thought and research are invested in her projects. Antonella’s most valuable character traits are her independence, tenacity and setting herself very high standards.

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